Tony Sasa

Negociant/Wine Discoverer

Tony has earned an international reputation throughout Asia, major cities in the USA, Western and Eastern Europe and in the Mideast. The demand for his knowledge continues to grow along with his hunt for hidden treasures.

Tony Sasa, the owner/curator of Enoteca Pontevecchio wine shop in Florence, Italy, is a man of the soil. His love for wine and food started early on his family's farm, living close to nature and developing a great respect for the growing process.

Tony spent years exploring Italy’s viticulture and as a result, is an advocate of Italy’s ancient varietals and of traditional styles of winemaking. After years of sourcing wines for Enoteca Pontevecchio, Tony began making his own carefully crafted wines.

Once you have met Tony and tasted his wines, you will never forget his passion for Italy’s wine and food, his knowledge of winemaking from vine to bottle and the enthusiasm he brings to all of it.

Giorgio and Roberto Boeri (Boeri Vini)


Boeri wines are truly a family affair. The Boeri wine estate was established in 1900 when Alfonso Boeri, the great-grandfather of the current owners, began growing vines. Passing down a passion for winemaking to each successive generation, the Boeris have a reputation for excellence and a commitment to the natural elements of winemaking.

The majority of the family’s vineyards are dedicated to the cultivation of the Barbera grape variety for which the estate is particularly well-known. The oldest vineyard was planted by Giovanni Boeri, the grandfather of Giorgio and Roberto. The grapes from this particular vineyard are used to make Pörlapà, their renowned Barbera d’Asti wine.

The Boeris’ mission is to cultivate the highest quality grapes, leading to the production and bottling of truly outstanding wines. Their philosophy is that the seasons, earth and weather are all part of the land they love and are critical to the distinct flavor in every bottle of wine they produce. Try these exceptional wines…you won’t be disappointed!

Federica and Manuela Ariano (Cantina Ariano)


Situated in the northern part of the Tavoliere, west of the Gargano promontory and north of Foggia, the city of San Severo is surrounded by cultivated fields of vines that cover a large area called the Capitanata of Puglia. In this renowned “Land of Wine”, Attilio Ariano cultivated his dream of a vineyard, Cantina Ariano, based upon two principles: passion for wine and respect for the environment.

The Ariano family started making their wines using organic agricultural methods in 1997. In 2005, their historical farm was equipped with a new modern production building and Cantina Ariano was born. What anchors the vineyard’s policy is the quality of production and service together with minimal impact on the environment.

Attilio’s passion was passed on to both his daughters, Manuela and Federica.

Federica finished her degree in biology in Bari in 2002. Her thesis was about running a vineyard using organic agricultural methods. She continued further studies in enology in Milan, graduating in 2005. And then, she began her journey in the world of wine making. Federica, in consultation with the agronomist Aldo Avello, has been the enologist at the farm since that time.

Manuela, after finishing her studies in psychology, has been in charge of the commercial side of the business and of the marketing of Cantina Ariano’s products both in Italy and abroad.

Rita and Barbara Gatti (Gatti Piero)


The Gatti Piero vineyard lies on Moncucco hill, famed for the production of Moscato, in the province of Cuneo, Piedmont. Founded in 1988 by Piero Gatti, a man who was attached to the land, its tradition and who loved his work, the Gatti family continues to produce wines of excellent quality through the careful selection of grapes and precise winemaking in the cellar.

Since 2000, Rita Gatti and her daughter Barbara have managed every aspect of wine production and marketing in Italy and abroad.

The vineyard’s main product is Moscato, a sweet and sparkling wine, characterized by a fine and penetrating perfume and a fresh, engaging taste. Moscato pairs well with all kinds of desserts except chocolate ones. For fruit pairings, Brachetto, a light purple wine characterized by a nose of roses and geranium, is a must. In addition to these two sweet wines, the vineyard produces a small number of red wines and three grappas.

Familia Ciacci (Tenuta di Collosorbo)


Tenuta di Collosorbo was started in 1995 by Giovanna Ciacci from the division of her family’s estate, Tenuta di Sesta, which was founded in 1850. The Ciacci family always cultivated grapes, olives, and all types of grains. Giuseppe Ciacci bottled the estate’s first Brunello di Montalcino in 1966.

Tenuta di Collosorbo has deep roots in the past which are evident all around the estate: in the vineyards where all the work takes place manually; in the cellar where the smell of wine and wood blend harmoniously; and in the centuries-old villa.

Giovanna Ciacci and her two daughters are women with strong ties to the land where they grew up and who dedicate their lives, study and passion to maintaining Tenuta di Collosorbo’s wines at the highest level of quality.

Giovanna takes care of the general administration of the company. Her younger daughter, Laura Sutera Sardo, who graduated from the University of Florence in enology in 2006, is both the enologist and viticulturist. She is supported by esteemed enologist and friend, Paolo Caciorgna, and cellar master, Daniele Guidotti, who has been with the family for over 20 years.

Lucia Sutera Sardo graduated from the University of Florence in agronomy in 2001 and is responsible for the commercial side of the company, for the vineyard’s agronomy, and also for some administration.